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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Philippine Independence Day

June 12, 2023

Ottawa, ON The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative
Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following
statement on Philippine Independence Day:

“One hundred and twentyfive years ago, the people of the
Philippines rose up against colonial rule and demanded their freedom.
Inspired by a powerful vision of liberty for their people, they
denounced the exploitation and arbitrary arrests of their former rulers
and threw off the ‘ominous yoke of domination.’

“Although the years of the First Philippine Republic were filled with
many challenges, the 1898 Declaration of Independence would
continue to encourage generations of Filipinos in their journey
towards lasting, permanent independence. Today, this document
continues to serve as a profound symbol of the Philippines’ inspiring
heritage of freedom.

“On Philippine Independence Day also known as the Day of
Freedom we honour the 125th anniversary of the Declaration of
Independence. We celebrate its incredible legacy, which sustained
Filipinos as they worked to make their country a champion of freedom
and democracy in the world.

“Today also provides each of us an opportunit y to recognize the
countless contributions of the more than 800,000 people of Philippine

origin who have brought the gifts of their heritage here to Canada.
Today, we join Filipinos and Filipino Canadians in the celebration of
their rich history, traditions, and culture, which have been a source of
light and life for millions of people all over the world.

“Happy Philippine Independence Day.”

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