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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre: “Nobody works harder than Canada’s Filipino Community”


Reyfort Media CEO Rey Fortaleza had an exclusive interview with Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The one-on-one interview on October 13, 2023 focused on Poilievre’s plans if elected the next Prime Minister and his vision for Canada’s Filipino community.

When asked about the top three changes he will bring about in Canada’s immigration system, Poilievre highlighted that he will make it possible for Filipino nurses to work in nursing.

According to the Conservative Leader, about 85 percent of Filipino nurses are banned from working in Canada’s hospitals because they cannot find a way to prove that they are qualified. His plan is to bring in a national “Blue Seal” test that allows every professional immigrant to take an exam and prove that they are qualified and get to work within 60 days. In this way, it will allow many more nurses and professionals to bring home powerful paycheques.

He also wants to speed up family reunification and make it easier for people to come to Canada, particulary those who work hard, follow the law, and pay their taxes to become permanent residents and join the Canadian family quickly.

“I wanna make the country work for the people who do the work, nobody works harder than Canada’s Filipino community”, Poilievre said when asked about the rapidly growing Filipino community in the country.

With high taxes that chew up paycheques and high inflation that eats up the buying power of the Canadian dollar, Poilievre’s plan is to bring home lower prices by axing the carbon tax and ending the inflationary deficits that will bring down inflation and interest rates. He also wants to bring home powerful paycheques with lower income taxes and remove the bureaucracy and red tape.

Poilievre said “common-sense Conservatives” share the Filipino values of faith, family, and freedom. He wants to bring home the Canada that the people know and love.

A “Bring it Home” rally led by Poilievre was also held last October 13 at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfont in Vancouver, which was joined by his supporters from all different nations.
Poilievre grew up in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in international relations.

He has been elected to seven terms by voters of the federal riding of Carleton in Ontario, and is proud to serve as their Member of Parliament.

In government, Poilievre served as a trusted senior minister in then Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

Poilievre became Leader of His Majesty’s Official Opposition in September 2022, and is running to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

By Andrew de Jesus

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