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Tara na!: Filipinos go for Pierre Poilievre

VANCOUVER – Members of the Filipino community showed their all-out support to the Conservative Party of Canada as their leader, Pierre Poilievre, held a meet and greet last January 22 at the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre.

Several Conservative MPs accompanied Poilievre as he talked about the latest issues and problems that the country is facing, and what will be the “common-sense” plan once the Conservative government sits in.


During his speech, Poilievre stated that the meet and greet is to

celebrate the shared values of the Conservatives and the Filipinos, the values of faith, family, and freedom.

The Conservative leader also elaborated on his “common-sense” plans that mainly focused on lowering taxes to bring home more powerful paycheques, lowering housing costs to make them affordable, lowering prices on groceries and food, axing the carbon tax, bringing home safer streets, and bringing home the freedom that Canada once had.

According to Poilievre, 85 percent of Filipino nurses are blocked from working in Canada’s hospitals, with 32,000 immigrant nurses and 20,000 immigrant doctors banned from working in their professions because there is no simple or direct path to prove that they are qualified. The Common Sense Conservatives will support a  National Blue Seal testing standard so Immigrant nurses and other professionals can prove that they are qualified and get to work within 60 days.

After his speech, Poilievre accepted and answered some questions from the Filipino Community and took time to take photos with every attendee. By the end of the event, the Pinoys showed what Filipino support is and had a group photo with Poilievre and some Members of the Parliament of the Conservative Party.

By: Andrew de Jesus

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