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  • Filipino-Canadian leaders, representatives of various community organizations, and supporters of Leni-Kiko tandem in the different cities and provinces across Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia came together to create and sign a historic and groundbreaking Declaration of Support for Leni and Kiko. As a united group of Filipinos, with “our feet on Canadian ground and with our hearts in our motherland”, they agreed to call  themselves TROPANG LENI-KIKO CANADA. It is the first coalition of kakampinks, people’s organizations, and community groups all across Canada.

    The Declaration was initiated by the Toronto group Kabayan for Leni & Kiko, and it quickly gained support from community leaders from a wide range of groups, organizations, alliances, and coalitions in the Filipino community. Their basis of unity for Leni-Kiko is simple, heartfelt, and grounded in genuine politics for a better Philippines. A kababayan described this unity as “evidence-based,” i.e., rooted in track records of Leni & Kiko, facts, history, and the national situation of Filipinos in and out of the country, and not on false news, revised history, and blinded loyalty to a despotic, greedy, power-hungry tandem of the children of Marcos and Duterte.

    The Declaration is a living document, and its list of signatories is growing. As of March 12, it has been signed by over 150+ signatories from more than 30 groups and has been a call to action and unity for a better Philippines. The Declaration is a living document, and its list of signatories is growing. As of March 12, it has been signed by over 150+ signatories from more than 30 groups and has been a call to action and unity for a better Philippines. Among them are the UP for Leni & Kiko. Anakbayan Canada, Akbayan,  Global Filipinos for Leni (Canada), Vancouver Coalition 4 Leni & Kiko, Samahang Magdalo, Angkla PartyList, Bayan Muna PartyList, Manitobans for Leni, Ottawa Canada Tropa, Edmontons for Leni, Migrante Canada, 1Sambayan Canada, Malaya Canada, Epsilon Chi Fraternity, Bicol Canada Community Association, Fil-Can Advocacy for Leni & Kiko, Team Leni Montreal, and many more.

    Groups wanting to add their voices to the Declaration for Leni-Kiko in Canada can still do it through this link: https://bit.ly/3q1Yi3X

    The Declaration’s full text can be read below:

    “We, Filipino-Canadian community leaders from diverse groups and organizations have come together in our common desire to help achieve social transformation, progress, and genuine democracy in the Philippines, and we make the following declarations:

                  That we have to stop the return of a greedy, corrupt, tyrannical Marcos-Duterte administration in the Philippines;

                  That the Leni Robredo-Kiko Pangilinan tandem is the right choice for the coming May 2022 presidential election to restore accountability and integrity in the government;

                  That Team Robredo-Kiko Pangilinan has shown exemplary servant leadership qualities based on participatory decision-making, compassion for the marginalized, and high moral and ethical standards;

    That Team Robredo-Kiko Pangilinan has a solid platform which applies an evidence-based approach to address systemic social and economic injustices, including those that continue to exploit citizens and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs); and

    That it is incumbent upon freedom-loving Filipinos to vote for competent leaders with integrity who will guide the Philippines to become a more just and equitable society that protects the human rights of all Filipinos.

    We, Filipino-Canadians, with our feet on Canadian ground and with our hearts in our motherland, fully and unequivocally support Team Robredo-Pangilinan and will do all that we can to ensure their victory in the May 2022 elections.

    We invite you to join us in this campaign and to pray for free, clean, honest, and peaceful election. “

    (Reference: Erie Maestro, Coordinator, 1Sambayan Canada Chapter



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