Election race tightens, Conservatives gain ground

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  • Surveys indicate that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ruling Liberal Party may not win a majority government in September 20 federal election after all.

    Trudeau and the Liberals may even lose the election, if they lose more momentum.

    News 1130 reported on August 30 about a poll by Angus Reid Institute showing that Erin O’Toole and his Conservative Party are gaining ground.

    The Angus Reid survey suggested that Trudeau is losing support in all age and gender groups.

    Trudeau is also losing significantly in an area he typically does well–among women.

    Angus Ried also says Trudeau is now the most intensely disliked among his major-party challengers, with two-in-five (41 percent) saying they view him “very unfavourably”.

    Meantime, things are looking up for O’Toole of the Conservative Party.

    People’s opinion of Erin O’Toole has improved among all age and gender categories.

    The Conservatives have 33 percent of the vote among decided or leaning voters, the Angus Reid survey showed.

    Liberals are at 30 per cent.

    The NDP trails behind the two at 21 per cent.

    Singh is viewed the most favourable among Canadians, the poll indicates. Over half of people surveyed view him in a positive light.

    Trudeau is down to 34 per cent from 50 per cent. O’Toole has gone up to 38 per cent from 32 per cent in that same category.

    Trudeau and the Liberal Party on September 1 released their full election platform, a day ahead of the first televised leadership debate of the summer campaign.

    The move comes at a time when polls suggest the Liberals, who entered the campaign eyeing a majority, have lost ground to the Conservatives.

    The CBC’s Poll Tracker has the Conservatives with a narrow lead after more than two weeks campaigning exclusively on their platform, dubbed “Canada’s Recovery Plan.”

    O’Toole released his 160-page plan the day after the election was called.

    Singh and the NDP have also released platform commitments.
    The Bloc Québécois has also unveiled its platform.

    The Green Party has yet to produce its plan.

    On August 31, Canadian Press reported that 34 percent of decided voters who took part in a survey by the Leger polling company said they support O’Toole’s Conservatives.

    The survey showed Conservatives ahead of the Liberals and up four percentage points since August 16, when the campaign got underway.

    Support for Singh’s New Democrats is also up four points, to 24 per cent, support for Trudeau’s Liberals is down five points to 30 per cent, and Green party support is down three points to two per cent.

    In Quebec, support for the Bloc Quebecois stands at 29 per cent, behind the Liberals at 33 per cent.

    The online poll of 2,005 Canadians was conducted on August 27 to 30 in collaboration with the Canadian Press.


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