Mission Kandahar (PG) ***

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  • Desert Storm!
    Topical and relevant turns out to be the latest film from VVS Films. See the
    seeds of hatred unfold first hand in the brilliantly executed Kandahar. Named after a
    very dangerous city in the Middle East Mission Kandahar is a gutsy portrayal of life in
    the desert where duplicit relationships are the order of the day. See just how determined
    terrorists can be at select Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres around B.C

    Whether you like it or not bad people exist everywhere. So do bad nations. Hello
    axis of evil Russi, China and Iran. Thanks to religious zealots Iran is well on its way to
    building and detonating a nuclear bomb. To the doubters go see Kandahar to see one
    way to go about stopping these Stone Age Mullahs from achieving their master plan.
    Ah, but not so fast. Strange alliances abound throughout the region and this movie
    shows just how tenuous all those complicated relationships can be.

    N nThings start off with a bang when a clandestine operation may get sidetracked
    and may be put in jeopardy deep inside hostile territory. Go to guy Tom Harris is a CIA
    operative who blends in with the locals. Unlike the glamour of all those classic Sean
    Connery James Bond classics man of all seasons Gerald Butler loses the tux for a Hajib
    and winds up in a cesspool of danger.

    When friend and Allies vanish or are compromised it’s a race against time to get out
    if Dodge for this on the run spy boy. Think Mission Impossible minus the fashionable
    presence of Tom Cruise but hey what else would you expect. This movie is set in the
    desert and it well displays the backward way those in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan

    As always Gerald Butler is completely engaging as the spy on the run. This movie
    has great gritty action and an extremely tense atmosphere. It will engage and grip you
    from start to finish.(Robert Waldman)

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