Until Branches Bend (PG) ****

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    Running Time: 1h 38min


    Standing Tall!


    By Robert Waldman



    How nice it is for a Canadian movie to be eventful. Wonders never cease to amaze me. Why even more impressively Telefilm Canada got it right by helping finance Until Branches Bend. Besides helping local film crews get work this small town Canada tale has lots of gravitas and heart. At its core it shows just how one person can make a difference. Stand up and believe in your convictions is one of the main themes raised in this jarring drama from Pender PR definitely worth checking out at the Vancouver International Film Centre on Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver and certain other local theatres. Go to VIFF.org to find showtimes.

    Made in the Erin Brockovich spirit without all the glamour of Pretty Woman Julia Roberts Until Branches Bend spends a day ( or month or two) in the life of small town resident Robin. Portraying this blue collar worker is Grace Gowicky in a star-making performance. We all know how life in a small town can be. So when Robin “accidentally” discovers some wrongdoing she is front and Centre as all those community pressures come a tumbling down on this lone crusader.

    Besides trying to expose some nefarious goings on in her picturesque Town in British Columbia’s scenic Okanagan Valley Robin also has a score of personal issues to deal wife. With friendships starting to unravel this woman must make some life-altering choices which will have audiences waiting with baited breath to see the outcomes.

    Original, effective and emotional Until Branches Bend proves that sometimes home grown talent and a local story can grip you and has both National and international resonance. In short, this a terrific little small town drama from going places director Sophie Jarvis that wears its heart on it’s sleeve and ranks high in the inspiring do the right thing message..

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    For tickets and showtimes contact VIFF.org or call (604) 683-3456



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