The Menu (PG) *** Running time: 1h 47m Bon Appetit! By Robert Waldman

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  • Dine out on the antics displayed in The Menu. Now be honest, who doesn’t like to go to
    a nice restaurant for a good meal? All of us like to be wined and dined. Only the guests
    who sign up for The Menu get just a little more than they bargained for. Let’s just say
    danger is on the menu. Get in on the fun (?) a select Cineplex Cinemas such as the
    International Village Theatre as well as Landmark Theatres.

    Soups on if you don’t mind the travel. Ask and they will come. A group of 12 or so well
    heeled guests get the trip of a lifetime when they say yes to a dinner date spearheaded
    by a master chef. Little do they know their very heads may be on the plate when they
    set sail to secluded Hawthorn Island. Known far and ride for its elite status the island is
    home to Chef Julian Slowik. Newly minted M Ralph Fiennes (Schindler’s List) serves up
    a delightful feast of merry mayhem as the smooth talking cook with a panache for
    stirring the pot and getting under the skin of his coveted guests.

    Run like the army Chef cooks up some 8 servings which have a habit of rankling the
    participants. Among the coveted guests are young couple Margot and Tyler who almost
    come to blows themselves during the course of the evening. Both Nicholas Hoult and
    Anya TaylorJoy have no joy for what’s coming up as the participants in this elite dinner
    find themselves at odds with their host who has a habit of dishing out all sorts of terror
    wrapped up with finesse and uppity etiquette.

    Clap your hands for the carnage that develops in this excessive black comical farce
    which you just have to take with a large grain of salt. Actually it is rather reminiscent of
    the classic Ten Little Indians from the pen of Agatha Christie. Smartly written and
    excellently acted out people may well have to think twice about dining out ever again.

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