Filipino BC transforms into nonprofit to establish cultural centre

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  • Responding to the clamour from the community, Filipino BC has developed into a not-for-profit
    organization dedicated to the establishment of a Filipino cultural centre.
    Filipino BC has also put out a public call for nominations to its board of directors.
    Rafael Joseph ‘RJ’ Aquino talks about the community’s sentiment following the incorporation of the
    group as a nonprofit under the provincial Societies Act.
    “A consistent theme and message we hear from the community regarding the establishment of the
    cultural centre is how important it is to do things the right way,” Aquino says.
    The Filipino BC leader explains why incorporating Filipino BC as a registered non-profit is a “definitive
    step in that direction”.
    “We’re creating the legal and financial framework to pursue and create partnerships in this endeavour,
    while establishing credibility and earning the community’s trust. By incorporating, we’re laying the
    groundwork for a sustainable organization that can leave a lasting impact and continue to address the
    needs of the community over time.”
    The B.C. provincial government of Premier David Eby has made a commitment to see the development
    of provincial Filipino cultural centre.
    Eby has directed Lana Popham and Mable Elmore, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, and
    Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives, in their respective mandate letters, to advance
    programs and proposals that include a Filipino cultural centre.
    The future centre is envisioned to have several components to celebrate Filipino culture and heritage,
    build connections with other communities, and advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
    The centre will house various spaces to include a performance area, affordable housing, seniors’
    services, sports facilities, language school, community offices, industrial kitchen, and innovation and
    tech hub.
    Aquino also points to the benefits of Filipino BC becoming a nonprofit.
    “Incorporating as a nonprofit also opens doors to various fundraising avenues. We’ll be able to apply for
    grants from foundations, seek corporate sponsorships, organize fundraising events, and engage in
    crowdfunding campaigns.”
    Equally important: “Incorporation also demonstrates a commitment to transparency, ethical practices,
    and a long-term vision for our cause.
    Aquino notes, “As a nonprofit organization, we’ll be able to formally collaborate with other like-minded
    entities, including other nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and academic institutions. Such
    partnerships foster knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and the potential for collective action,
    ultimately leading to more significant and sustainable outcomes for the Filipino cultural centre.”
    Aquino goes on to state that in order for Filipino BC to “make a lasting impact in establishing the Filipino
    Cultural Centre”, the nonprofit is putting out an open call for people to consider to joining its board.
    “We call on individuals to bring their expertise, passion, and commitment to our cause. As a board
    member, your oversight and governance will play a pivotal part in shaping our Filipino BC’s future,”
    Aquino says.
    “There are many in our community that possess unique skills and perspectives which would prove vital
    to our success. Joining our board means becoming part of a passionate and dedicated team committed
    to making a real difference.
    “Your role as a board member will extend far beyond meetings and decision-making. It will be an
    opportunity to shape the future, inspire change, and leave a lasting influence. Together, we can create
    transformative impact and drive positive change in the lives of those we serve,” Aquino says.
    Filipino BC is formally known as the Filipino Canadian Community & Cultural Society of British Columbia.
    Potential board members do not have to be of Filipino background, but must be nominated by a
    member of the Filipino Community.
    Candidates for board member must also be willing to provide a two-year commitment.
    Applications for board membership will be open until July 31, 2023. Submit your nominations at
    For more details about Filipino BC:


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