FCCHS’s “12 Days of Christmas / Labindalawang Araw ng Pasko”, a virtual Christmas celebration

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  • Filipinos celebrate Christmas for the longest and have the most fun. It kicks off in September with fairy lights and artificial trees decorating malls, festive tunes on the radio and party-packed journals. But the Covid19 pandemic is bent to become the grinch that spoils the four-month-long celebration this year. With ongoing restriction enforce-ments on gatherings, limited church attendance, night-time curfews, and where millions are left jobless and broke. But with or without Covid, we must celebrate Christmas whatever and however it takes. This is a long-standing Filipino tradition that we could never do with-out.

    The Filipino-Canadian Cultural Heritage Society (FCCHS) of Surrey BC is proud to present a unique virtual Christmas presentation enti-tled, “12 Days of Christmas / Labindalawang Araw Ng Pasko” to start airing on December 1, 2020 via YouTube Channel “fcchs society”. This project was in the making for the past 2+ months. It aims to bring warmth and joy to our hearts watching the 12-part series presentation while in the comforts of our homes.

    It features Christmas lantern or parol-making, indulging in Filipino sweets and savoury dishes, how to prep your skin and body for the holidays by celebrity professional beauty guru Mary Seitz, singing Christmas carols, DIY crafts, comedy skits, dance numbers, perfor-mances by internationally renowned celebrity artists and BC’s home-grown talents. And more surprises.

    Front-lining local performers who obliged to share their talents for FCCHS’s “12 Days of Christmas / Labindalawang Araw Ng Pasko” are upcoming and finest performers from BC, Ontario, Yukon Territories and Portland OR— Janice Lozano, Russel Figueroa, Jeremiah Carag, Audrey “Dey” Rose, Kylie Lorenzana Fonacier, Lucile Orcullo, Michael Unso, Mikaelah Unso, Jojo Alpuerto, J.J. Cepeda, Mia Torres, Mika Mailloux, Di-Versity, AJ Chorale, AJ Duet, Rolly Fortaleza, Babes Newland and Virgil Hilario. Plus a string of performances by outstand-ing artists from World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA)— Rachel Carino, Kiara Dokaj, Harianne Alindogan, Rene Boy Minguito and Hannah Adamson.

    #fcchs12daysofchristmas2020 shouldn’t be missed. International pop R&B recording artist Keith Martin will be rendering his original Christ-mas song. Keith is currently based in the Philippines. Other celebrity performers who generously provided their time and artistry towards this cause— Martin Nievera, Jed Madela, Tim Pavino, Jep Paraiso, South Border, J Martin Castro/REtroSPECT, Sheryn Regis, Nazer Degayo Salcedo, Zip Mercado de Guzman and Viva Records’s newest group Alpuerto Sisters.

    This project is co-presented by the FCCHS and 88 Supermarket. With Special Participation from the Filipino-Canadian Community in the Yu-kon Territories. Also acknowledging the support of the City of Surrey’s Cultural Grants Program.

    #fcchs12daysofchristmas2020 project is presided by Ms. Prima Roine and chaired/coordinated by FCCHS Secretary, Janice Lozano. At the helm of overall technical production are Roque Valdez Juatco, Jr. and Rolly Fortaleza. And Babes Castro Newland as Creative and Events Director.

    Special thanks and acknowledgement to main media sponsors— Reyfort Media Group/Reyfort Media TV Channel and Pinoy Buzz YT Channel.(Babes Castro Newland)



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