Sharon Cuneta reiterates love for daughter KC,downplays ‘unfollowing’ issue

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  • MANILA, Philippines — Sharon Cuneta recently expressed her support for daughter KC
    Concepcion’s first Hollywood film, Asian Persuasion. She appealed to her followers in
    the US to go watch the movie directed by Tony and Grammy winning Filipino-American
    Jhett Tolentino at its premiere at this week’s Soho International Film Festival in New
    York City.

    “God be with you, anak. Please take care of yourself,” the megastar wrote on Instagram
    on Thursday.

    In the comments section, KC wrote a sweet response for her mom. “Like I always tell
    you Mama, though I’m not perfect, everything I do is for you,” said Sharon’s daughter
    with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion.

    On Friday, during a presscon for Sharon’s highly anticipated reunion concert, Dear
    Heart 2023, with her former reel and real-life partner, Sharon downplayed any issue
    between her and daughter amid the reported unfollowing of KC of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan
    and sister Kakie on Instagram.

    “All my four children know, I am a mother first, I always say that. I am a mother first.
    Because based on experience, ang asawa pwede mawala, pero ang dugo at laman mo,
    bumaliktad man ang mundo, dugo at laman mo yan,” she said during her solo presscon.

    “Do you know what? I don’t play favorites. Some people seem to think favorite daughter
    ko si Kakie. No. I love all my children equally. It’s just that dun tayo sa totoo, kung sino
    siempre lagi kasama, katabi, meron ka lang mas nakakasundo.

    “And among all my children, ang kaugali ko si Frankie and Miel is my buddy and Miguel,
    he’s such a gentleman. Ang hindi ko nakikita si KC so when she mentioned she’s alone
    (in an interview), I feel bad because it was her choice, when she left home at 18
    because she went to school (abroad) kasi medyo hindi Filipino ang thinking, mukhang
    European ‘di ba?”

    Sharon recalled that as young as 18, KC was already showing her and husband Sen.
    Kiko Pangilinan her choice of condo.

    “Hindi ko siya mapigilan because I also want her to fly and learn how to live on her
    own,” she said.

    Sharon further recalled, “From the time I raised her, from when (her father and I)
    separated, she was two and a half, until when she was 18, ang katulong ko magpalaki,
    yung Mommy ko or Daddy ko, but I never asked even a peso from my parents.

    “I wanted to set that example with KC na ang babae, ‘di mo kailangan ng lalake para
    mabuhay, you have to work for your own savings, dapat meron kang pagkukunan in
    case ‘di ka makapag-asawa or maging fate yung nangyari sa amin.”

    She also mentioned KC’s relationship with Kiko.

    “Our house, our home, has always included her. Kiko raised her since she was nine
    years old. They’ve been very close, shock absorber niya yun, takbuhan niya yan…
    sounding board…na kahit minsan may tampuhan kami, si Kiko ang kausap.”

    She then raised the unfollowing issue. “Yung ‘pag-unfollow, I know you’re all curious
    about that,” she began.

    Sharon didn’t give any specifics but she said, “If I didn’t have my parents and my
    brother and my best friends and all those people that sincerely cared about when I was
    growing up, especially in the business, and I probably would have turned out to be a
    very horrible, arrogant person kasi impressionable ang bata akala mo with fame, ikaw
    ang pinakamagaling sa lahat.

    “Siguro nagkaroon lang ng konting… okay, first of all, KC, let’s just say, is the opposite
    of me, nakuha niya yung dugo ng Papa niya, kaya sila magkasundo, they’re the same.
    For better or worse, they’re the same.”

    She hinted at a misunderstanding but no longer went into detail. “Sometimes, pag-
    pinapaalalahanan ang tao ng amain, anak, kapatid, mommy… meron mga tao na ganun
    lang pagtatampuhan. It hurt me, of course, but we’re a family. This is a family matter.

    “She’s close to her Papa now and that makes me happy. I want to remind the whole
    world, since Gabby and I separated, not once, never a time, na di siya pwede puntahan
    ng tatay niya. I never prevented them seeing each other.”

    Sharon further recalled, “Lahat ng decision ko nung araw because of KC. She was my
    whole world. I’m happy they’re together now. But also, I don’t want them to forget, least
    of all KC, all the sacrifices I made when I was raising her because it wasn’t easy. I had
    her at 19, I was still finding my way in the world as a young adult and I had to raise her
    and I made my work my therapy…

    “So, I have to trust in the way that I raised my daughter. I love KC very, very much. I
    would die for her, for Frankie, Miel, and Miguel, if I have to,”
    Sharon reiterated that she’s happy KC is now close to Gabby. She also has a message
    for bashers.

    “I’m happy that they’re close. I love her very, very much from the bottom of my heart. So
    yung mga nag-ba-bash, siguro yung mga gusto maging nanay ni KC (laughs), or yung
    mga troll na walang magawa or fans na ‘di nakakaintindi, ‘wag kayong magdungun-
    dungunan… showbiz is our work but we’re not a showbiz family. Pag-uwi we’re very
    decent and private. And some things have to stay within the family, so you can’t expect
    me na siraan ko ang anak ko.” (N. Tomada, PS)


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