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Second hospital, new cancer centre breaks ground in Surrey

People in Surrey are a significant step closer to better access to
health care as the Province is breaking ground on a new second
hospital in Surrey and new cancer centre.

“Surrey has been experiencing tremendous growth and people are
struggling to get the health services they need while health-care
workers are burning out,” said Premier David Eby. “We’re taking
urgent action while carefully planning for the future. As we break
ground on the new, state-of-the-art Surrey hospital and cancer centre,
work continues on immediate actions to improve health services in the
region, so everyone gets the timely, high-quality health care they

The second hospital in Surrey will bring 168 more hospital beds,
including medical/surgical beds, high acuity beds and medical oncology
beds, and a second emergency department for the community with 55
treatment spaces and access to specialists through virtual

It will include a surgical/perioperative suite with five operating rooms,
four procedure rooms and virtual care options in all clinical service
areas, such as virtual intake, emergency followups, outpatient clinics
and pre- and post-surgical care, as well as robotics, wearable
technology and smart beds.

Fraser Health has executed a Design-Build Agreement with Ellis-Don
Design Build Inc., which will be responsible for completing the design
and construction of the new facility, making Surrey the first community
in decades to get a second hospital.

“The new Surrey hospital and cancer centre gives us a rare
opportunity to build a net-new hospital and cancer centre that will add
much-needed capacity for health-care services in the community,” said
Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “The facts are the people of the fast-
growing Surrey community need a second hospital and they need it as
soon as soon as possible. So, despite significant cost escalation due
to inflation, supply-chain disruptions and labour shortages, we are
moving forward to deliver the new state-of-the-art hospital and cancer

Adding a second hospital in Surrey will also bring a large medical-
imaging department, including three CT scanners and two MRI
machines, as well as a pharmacy, a full-service laboratory that can
perform biochemistry, hematology and transfusions, and academic
spaces. As well, a dedicated area for spiritual care and family
gatherings will support cultural diversity and spiritual practices.

“The new hospital in Surrey will provide annual capacity for more than
28,000 surgical procedures, 280,000 additional medical-imaging exams
and 120,000 emergency department visits with the addition of a
second emergency department to serve the community,” Dix said.

In addition to building a second hospital in Surrey, the community will
also have a BC Cancer Centre with a 50-room oncology ambulatory
care unit. The new Surrey cancer centre will include 54 chemotherapy
treatment spaces and room for six linear accelerators for radiation
therapy to provide care and support for people diagnosed with cancer,
two PET/CTs and a cyclotron. This new centre is expected to provide
approximatley 105,000 ambulatory oncology care visits, 50,000
radiation therapy visits and 22,000 chemotherapy visits each year.

The cancer centre in Surrey is a part of B.C.’s 10-year B.C. cancer
action plan, which outlines immediate steps to prevent, detect and
treat cancers and deliver improved care for people facing cancer.

A new stand-alone 49-space child care centre will be built to support
on-site health-care professionals, making it one of the first health-care
capital projects to include on-site child care services.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our journey to build a new
hospital that will truly transform the experience of hospital care. Our
services are continuing to grow and evolve with our communities to be
sustainable while reducing our environmental footprint,” said Dr.
Victoria Lee, Fraser Health president and CEO. “Leading B.C.’s first
generation of smart hospitals, the new Surrey Hospital and BC Cancer
Centre will embed data insights and new technologies into both the
design of the facility and delivery of clinical care. This will empower a
more patient- and family-centred experience and equip our staff and
medical staff to deliver the highest quality care.”

Government will continue working together with Fraser Health and
other partners to further support health-care workers and the patients
they care for now and into the future. This includes building a second
medical school in Surrey, which will be the first entirely new medical
school in Western Canada in 55 years. (

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