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  • Duterte-Bongbong peg ng Pinoys in Toronto

    I was asked several times by kababayans here in Toronto whom I am supporting in the May 9 presidential elections. Told them I couldn’t say yet since I’m still weighing the platforms of government the five protagonists laid out. It’s Poe, Duterte and Binay who are slugging it out for the top post as surveys proclaimed, our kababayans here pointed out but, most of them are supporting Duterte mapa-Bisaya or Tagalog, and Ilokanos, too, basta ang VP nila ay Bongbong. So, even if Binay and Poe lead in the survey, majority of Pinoys I talked here in the Greater Toronto Area ay di masyadong naniniwala sa surveys dahil solido ng….

    Ke Digong Duterte at Bongbong Marcos sila.
    Do I believe in political surveys? No. Why should I? Money controls survey results in the political arena in the Philippines. There’s no Gospel truth in the surveys conducted by private firms in our country. Probably, an iota of truth, sometimes, but the naïve masa always believe whatever the media published on the surveys on who’s leading the presidential derby; notwithstanding the numbers of respondents allegedly interviewed by the private survey firms. 1,300 to 1,800 respondents could not represent the more than 50Million legitimate voters, thus, the survey results that Poe and Duterte are statistically tied for No. 1 with Binay at 3rd spot and Roxas trailing at 4th are very unreliable and I considered a fraud. Ang gandang raket nga naman ng political surveys sa ating bansa, hane po? Spend millions in the surveys..

    At Linggo-Linggo nasa top spot ka!
    Our tabloid also conducted a survey in the GTA that started in February2016 and we’ll divulge the result in our April2016 edition. Patas ito. Walang favoritism or bias treatment. Wala naman kasi akong nakalausap sa mga kandidato, although me mga katoto akong dikit sa 5 presidential bets. Even our radio program over www.pinoydadion.com LIVEstream has also conducted surveys on the presidential, vice-presidential and senatorial polls. Mabibigla kayo sa resulta ng surveys dito sa Ontario, Canada!

    Walang bolahan ito. Pramis.
    Solon confronts SC on Poe bias in DQ case. Headline ng favorite kong Daily Tribune kahapon
    when the national newspaper published a report on former Marinduque Rep. Regina Ongsiako-Reyes decision to contest the High Court decision allowing a foundling who reacquired Philippine citizenship like Grace Poe to seek the presidency when it earlier disqualified her, who is a natural-born candidate with a previous dual citizenship and known parents. Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo has warned in his dissenting opinion that the controversial SC ruling on Poe’s case would open the floodgates of election protests as it reversed the jurisprudence set in earlier poll cases. Reyes was earlier disqualified by the high court and she compared the circumstances in her disqualification case to that of Poe. Hayan na. Umpisa na ng protesta kontra SC after allowing Poe to run despite glaring evidences’ that forbids Poe to seek the presidency because of citizenship and residency issues. Hanggang kelan at saan hahantong mga protesta sa SC? At what would be CJ Sereno and her ilk’s feel about the forthcoming avalanche of protests against them?

    Kakaba-kaba na kaya sila?
    It’s barely a week when the campaign period for the local races officially started but a spate of killings has already masked the political scene with blood, when two companions of re electionist Calauan, Laguna Mayor George Berris died at the scene of the abushed. Luckily, Mayor Berris, who was shot and critically wounded, survived the attacked and now is recuperating in a Manila hospital. Police have not yet established the motive for the attack on Berris, but because of the circumstances, the probe is reportedly zeroing in on politics. That people are willing to kill over a position with a three-year term and modest pay says a lot about the nature of politics in this country. A clean campaign and clean elections are essential for clean governance. The nation must not allow law breaking to start during the campaign. But how? Malabong tumino elections in the Philippines as long as …

    Maraming political dynasties sa Pinas.
    500,000 seniors to get pensions of P500 monthly from the government effective this year after Congress increased by P3 billion the budget for pensions for indigent elderly Filipinos. Senator Ralph Recto said those qualified to receive the P500 monthly stipend under the law are senior citizens who are frail, sickly, or have disabilities; are not receiving a pension from Social Security System, the Government Service Insurance System or a veteran’s pension; and do not have a permanent source of income. Recto called on the Department of Social Welfare and Development to cut red tape and speed up processing the required paper work in the release of the pensions. He said the budget for the government’s social pension program for indigent senior citizens jumped to P8.7 billion this year from P5.7 billion last year, increasing the number of recipients from 939,609 to 1,382,941.The P500 monthly or P6,000 yearly pension for indigent seniors is pursuant to Republic Act No. 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010. More benefits could have been granted to Senior Citizens in the Philippines if only the Comelec acted accordingly on the order of the Supreme Court to proclaim the two (2) Representatives of the Partylist which won two seats in the 2013 election. Pero dahil ke Sixto Brillantes ….

    Tatlong taong walang Diyos ang Senior Citizens sa Kongreso!
    Justice should be served to the beleaguered two Representatives of the Senior Citizens Partylist, No. 1 nominee Francisco Datol. Sr. and No. 2 nominee Mila Aquino-Magsaysay and they should be allowed to be proclaimed even if the 16th Congress is about to close, and be remunerated of everything a Congressman is allowed to receive under the law retroactive June 30, 2013. At sana iboto natin muli ang Senior Citizens Partylist, No. 69 sa Comelec official Ballot; No. 1 nominee Francisco Datol, Jr. No. 2 Mila Magsaysay. Para sa atin ding mga 60-year-old up ang laban ng Senior Citizens Partylist at sa lahat ng mga mamamayang Pilipino…

    Dahil lahat po tayo, tatanda sa madaling panahon!


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