New survey will help fill gaps in government services

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  • New survey will help fill gaps in government services

    VICTORIA Everyone living in B.C. is encouraged to take the BC
    Demographic Survey to help identify systemic racism in government services.

    The survey is online and available in 15 languages
    People without access to a computer or smartphone can take the survey by
    calling tollfree: 1 833 3762452

    “We have heard from many Indigenous Peoples and racialized groups that
    they are being left behind because government services weren’t designed with
    them in mind, which is why we are continuing the work to create a more
    equitable province,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Citizens’ Services. “The BC
    Demographic Survey is our next step in confronting systemic biases and
    advancing racial equity in B.C. If you’re a B.C. resident, I invite you to
    participate in the survey to help us build a province that works for everyone.”

    The information collected through the BC Demographic Survey will help the
    B.C. government deliver stronger, more accessible, and more inclusive
    programs and services for everyone. The survey was created through
    engagement with Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities. It
    includes questions related to race, ethnicity, ancestry and other areas of

    “Everyone deserves equitable access to the supports they need,” said Niki
    Sharma, Attorney General. “We need to understand how systemic racism
    shows up in government services through data collection. The BC
    Demographic Survey will help us identify data gaps so that we can improve
    access to government programs and services for everyone.”
    The BC Demographic Survey is being conducted by BC Stats, the Province’s
    trusted source of statistics about B.C.’s people and economy. Personal
    identifiers will be removed when survey responses are combined with
    information about government programs and services.

    This will enable antiracism research on the priorities brought forward by
    Indigenous Peoples and the AntiRacism Data Committee. Those research
    priorities were released May 29, 2023.

    “We all need fair and impartial opportunities to thrive,” said Mable Elmore,
    Parliamentary Secretary for AntiRacism Initiatives. “But many people
    experience obstacles that make getting ahead more challenging. By
    participating in the BC Demographic Survey, we can better understand where
    people are experiencing barriers when accessing public services so we can
    address them and build a better B.C. for everyone.”

    While the survey is voluntary, everyone, regardless of ethnicity, is encouraged
    to take it. The more people who complete the survey, the better and more
    accurate the data to identify, then eliminate, systemic racism in B.C.
    government services.

    The Province has developed a digitalawareness campaign that alters the
    B.C. logo to show how gaps in services can be filled by participating in the

    Ongoing community involvement is at the core of the AntiRacism Data Act.
    The Province is also providing grants to community organizations to raise
    awareness of the survey within their networks. Interested community
    organizations can
    email: (
    The survey is open until Sept. 29, 2023, and is part of the Province’s cross
    government work to collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and racialized
    communities to dismantle systemic racism and build a better, more inclusive


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