The Miracle Wedding of the Year

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  • Many of the most great love stories are tragic ones. On this extraordinary pandemic times and on what they went through the couple Laura and Brian you’ll expect it to end with the same way. But to everyone’s joy, it didn’t have the tragic ending like the romance of Titanic’s Rose and Jack, Romeo and Juliet.. etc, that have had the opposite of happy endings, how many have left you in tears?

    This is the story of Laura and Brian as told by Laura herself, “It was March 27 when i experienced headache the whole day,  at night time i passed out and i was rushed to the hospital due to aneursym and stroke, i was operated March 29 and was comatose for 10 days. They did  a coiling procedure it involves approaching the aneurysm from inside the blood vessel, so that there is no need to open the skull. Small metal coils are inserted into the aneurysm through the arteries that run from the groin to the brain. During the time that i was in coma my husband asked the doctor the survival rate of my case, the doctors said, 1 out of 3 don’ make it , 1 out of 3 make it but paralized, and 1 out of 3 survive, and it was indeed a divine miracle from God! I survived! and recovered fast.

    Thank you so much Lord for my second life, I am indeed a living testament of your grace and your everyday miracle and I greatly thank you for this chance. It was not easy sleeping (comatose) for more than a week, going through dreams after dreams, some even took me to the extent of asking if I am already in heaven. Im so blessed that my prayers were granted for the Lord has given me this chance to have another shot at life. I knew I gave everyone a fright and i could not imagine how they felt, especially my loved ones, but beneath that, i knew very well that Lord has a purpose far greater than our understanding.

    I was discharged April 23, and my annulment in the Philippines was granted the next month! This is a miracle wedding for the Lord has given me this 2nd life to be married with the love of life”.

    Being a witnessed to their love story unfolding right before our eyes culminating on this special day their wedding day, that almost didn’t happen. Their journey together is the best example of faith love and hope, and that miracles do happen. Had that fateful day in March ended the other way around we wouldn’t be here on this joyous occasion, on this beautiful ceremony of them tying the knots in matrimony, of our friends and business partners Brian and Laura. They’re meant to be with each other and destined to spend the rest of their life together. Throughout Laura’s medical challenge, Brian stayed by her side, she appreciates that he was there with her. Laura added, “He brings out the best in me and I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together.

    Sharing this experience with everyone that miracles happens as evidence for the existence of God. It deepens our faith in God, faith in life and in love. In conclusion, hoping it will reach out and touch someone out there that everyday is a blessing and always be thankful for family and our loved ones during this trying times. This story is just one of the many stories of overcoming illnesses, but this one come close to home, it is one very special chapter in their life which they’ll forever treasure not just today but every day of their life.



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