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Strengthening Ties through Agriculture:

Our government has opened its very first Indo-Pacific Agriculture and Agri-Food Office right in the Philippines! This big move, led by Minister Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, with the support of MP Kevin Lamoureux and MP Marco Mendicino, is all about growing our trade and bringing innovations to farming and food. This office will help Canada and the Philippines, along with other Indo-Pacific countries, work closer together. With Canada’s farm and food exports to this area hitting $22.8 billion in 2023, it’s clear we’re onto something big. Plus, this new office celebrates our shared cultural heritage and shows how important farming is in connecting people across the globe.

The Philippines, with its strong historical links and strategic position, is the chosen site for this venture, symbolizing a bridge that not only promotes international collaborations but also celebrates our rich Filipino heritage and the uniting power of agriculture.

Over $633 Million Funding for Health Care in Manitoba:

Our government has also announced a funding boost of over $633 million to improve Manitoba’s health care system. This investment is part of the “Working Together Agreement” and the “Aging with Dignity Agreement,” which is set to broaden access to medical professionals, cut down wait times, and uplift senior care throughout the province. As highlighted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a recent interview with Chester Pangan at 92.7 FM CKJS, this announcement reiterates our government’s commitment to high-quality health care for all Canadians, including the Filipino community in Manitoba.

This funding is expected to make an impact on Manitoba’s health care system, directly benefiting the Filipino community by addressing critical areas like elder care and medical staffing. Through these agreements, the Government of Canada and the Government of Manitoba will deliver better results for patients, support health workers, and protect our health care system now and in the future.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had his first-ever visit to 92.7 FM CKJS studio in Winnipeg, and had a great chat with the host Chester Pangan, diving into how our government is committed to making it easier for folks to get their qualifications recognized here in Canada. Plus, he shared about our government’s investment of $28.15 million in the Philippines, to help address climate change, make communities stronger against natural disasters, and improve health services. To catch the whole conversation, click:
to listen in.

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