Isko Moreno’s camp denies infighting after departures of Noli De Castro, Cesar Chavez

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  • The camp of Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso on Wednesday denied that a rumored rift within their team prompted the departure of 2 high profile members of their group.

    Aksyon’s statement came hours after veteran broadcaster Noli de Castro withdrew his senatorial bid under the party, which was followed by Cesar Chavez’s confirmation that he has resigned as Domagoso’s chief of staff.

    “Masyado namang ina-angguluhan ng intriga iyong pagbalik sa MBC-DZRH ni Cesar Chavez na hindi lang kaibigan, kundi inaanak ko sa kasal,” Lito Banayo, Domagoso’s campaign manager, said in a statement.

    (They are seeing to much behind Cesar Chavez’s decision to return to MBC-DZRH, who is not just my friend, but I was also a principal sponsor in his wedding.)

    Chavez had said he resigned from his city hall post because he received an offer to become one of the vice presidents of the Manila Broadcasting Company, Banayo said.

    “Cesar has been an outstanding and intrepid radio announcer since the Cory Aquino days, which was when we became good friends,” he said.

    “I said that’s a great opportunity and the Mayor said it would be a good career move since talaga namang love niya ang pagiging (he really loves being a) broadcast journalist,” he said.

    In a separate statement, Chavez said there was “no infighting” within Domagoso’s team.

    “Never regretted being COS of the mayor, the job I accepted over being Agriculture Undersecretary with CESO requirement or City Administrator of Mayor Francis Zamora, the positions offered to me before that May 17, 2019 meeting with Yorme,” he said, thanking Moreno for understanding his decision.

    The Manila Mayor earlier said that he respects De Castro’s and Chavez’s decision.

    Aksyon Demokratiko chairman Ernest Ramel Jr. urged the public not to be distracted by narratives possibly hurled by other camps against their party’s standard bearer.
    “Anything and everything these days will be played up,” Ramel said in a statement.

    “They will put malice where there are none to derail the candidacy of the candidate they are most threatened by,” he said.

    A Pulse Asia survey conducted from September 6 to 11, showed that Domagoso ranked third among preferred presidential contenders in the 2022 national elections, with 13 percent of respondents choosing him as their bet. (Katina Domingo, abs-cbn)


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