Conservatives meet with Ethno-cultural Press

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  • Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole met with the ethnic press to give two major points of his campaign if the Liberal government makes true the call for a late summer or fall election.
    “We are committed to fully engaging with ethnic media outlets during this campaign… and we are eagerly placing ads, scheduling interviews, and hosting events,” remarked O’Toole in his opening remarks.

    According to O’Toole, the two critical new commitments that he will deliver on as Prime Minister of Canada is to strengthen credential recognition for newcomers, and to launch a series of bold new policies to strengthen and advance human rights around the world.

    He said that the Liberals simply are not delivering their promises for foreign credentialing. He said that helping newcomers to maximize their success by allowing them to work in their field of knowledge “would be good for Canada, good for the economy, and most important – good for these workers and their families.”

    O’Toole promised that upon taking office, a Conservative government will immediately launch a Task Force on Credential Recognition to move forward on ensuring people succeed in Canada. He said that Conservatives have been engaging with professional associations and other levels of government to deliver on this promise. He said the Task Force will study mechanisms for credential pre-qualification – allowing people in other countries to acquire Canadian-standard proficiency through accredited institutions overseas or distance learning with Canadian institutions.

    “This could be a way to assist developing countries through stronger educational partnerships. It will also give newcomers greater certainty that they would be able to use their skills as soon as they arrive. We will work with universities and other post-secondary institutions as well as professional associations to fully explore pre qualification as one of many possible tools to strengthen credential recognition,” O’Toole said.

    His second promise is on the improvement of Canada’s tolerance of human rights violations. According to O’Toole, he and the Conservative party have eight specific initiatives that will be part of our bold new international human rights agenda, one of which includes the refusal of products produced through slave labour.

    Reyfort Media Group was invited to the meeting which was conducted through Zoom with other ethnic media.


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