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  • Best Buds!Place two top actors in a love story for the ages and you come up a winner. See life’s changes unfold miraculously in Supernova. Reserved for fans of serious cinema here’s a movie from Mongrel Media that will make you think, learn and love. Show some respect for this brilliant look at life as we know it by ordering this on demand video by contacting your local cable company or internet provider. Available on Feb. 14 which makes for a nice post Valentine’s Day offering.

    Live for the moment. How many times have we heard that line before? Often, now more than ever this human right seems so important. Against this backdrop of living we see two life long friends go through the motions as age has a funny (and sad) way of creeping up on them. Set in England with a peak at the skies and stars above two wayward men go on a road trip like no other.

    Forget about the laughs and teenage hijinks of Hollywood made teen oriented jaunts a la the Griswolds as Sam and Tusker go about their (not so) merry way traversing the British countryside in a camper. Brilliant casting pairs Oscar winning Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) with the always reliable Stanley Tucchi (The Devil Wears Prada) as two gents out to relive aspects of their youth. Call it a somber homecoming of sorts and perhaps a final voyage as we see early on that Tusker is suffering from dementia.

    Health and love are at the centre of Supernova. Now more than ever people will relate to the fear and hope embodied in the relationship of these decades’ old friends. Love knows no bounds, border or limits as you see the sense of urgency and desperation as both men rely on each other and try to shield and protect one another from the inevitability of a sickness with apparently no escape. Just cherish the time spent together.

    Look for the work of Tucchi and Firth to be recognized at this years Oscars. Harry Macqueen wrote and directed this film and it is one of the most moving experiences which will leave you shaken and stirred with a knowledge that humanity reigns supreme during our darkest hours.(Robert Waldman)

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