Raya and the Last Dragon ( PG) ***

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    Once again the folks at Disney prove that they have a winning formula when it comes to entertaining the masses. Brace yourself for a truly exciting journey steeped in history, Imagination and lots of heart. Snuggle up with your family, friends or just by yourself to enter the brave new world of Raya and The Last Dragon. Just contact your local cable company or internet provider to watch this feel-good movie.

    Dragons are big. Ever since the days of the hit award winning HBO series Game of Thrones global audiences can’t seem to get enough of the danger and mystery of swashbuckling ancient heroes. Through the wisdom of no less than eight writers this nearly two-hour adventure takes us back in Time to a place when dragons ruled the world. At least they used to. Now the largely gentle souls in this once upon a time ancient land of Kumandra must take on an evil force known as the monstrous dark smothering Druuns that penetrate their mythical kingdom at a time when various factions are jousting to unite. Naturally the different tribes can’t quite get together and against this less than cordial backdrop darkness descends and the dragons come together in a self-sacrificing play with just one critter apparently able to escape.

    With innocent men and women and dragons put in a deep freeze it’s up to a leader’s daughter, Raya, to miraculously escape and embark on a special journey some 500 years later to free her people, save civilization as we know it and bring back to life one special dragon known as Sisu. Against this backdrop of doom and gloom comes hope as Raya teams up with a lovable couple, fun-loving dragon and some other “undesirables” to rescue the fallen citizens and still dormant Dragons from an age long forgotten.

    Full of humour and glowing special effects this is a story full of competition, dragons in distress and dynamic confrontations that are sweeping in scope and brilliantly concocted. A wonderful storyline that pulls together elements akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Bible and morality this is one tale that starts a bit slow then Shifts into high gear as Raya delves deep when against all odds her pack of fools seem to have lost all hope. Ah, but this is Disney and this Princess in waiting May just have what it takes to save the day.

    With a largely unknown voice cast with the exception of Canadian Sandra Oh (Under the Tuscan Sun) and always reliable Benedict Wong (Johnny English Reborn) Raya and the Last Dragon is a global adventure laced with mythology that hopscotches across ancient lands and is truly a humorous delight to see (Robert Waldman).

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