The Killing of Two Lovers (PG)**

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    Ups and Downs often go hand and hand with relationships. See a slow burn develop into an all out cancer in the hard-hitting The Killing of Two Lovers. Close to the heart this dark-tinged movie tracks the plight of a mixed up messed up marriage in this burning Elevation Pictures new release. See the carnage unfold by ordering this shocker from your personal internet provider or cable company.

    Somewhat of a slow-burning thriller the intensity In The Killing of Two Lovers is palpable. Here we have a film title that exactly parallels the content of the proceedings and anyone who has ever gone through an unraveling marriage will be able to relate to. Call it a break-up gone to the extreme.

    Little sympathy can or should be found for any of the chief characters here. Man of the moment David is clearly a messed-up guy. Pain follows journeyman actor Clayne Crawford ( The Great Raid) who is a double threat here also serving as producer. Small town paranoia sets in as Everyone in the community appears to know everyone. Caught In The middle of this family divide are the children.

    Desperate to get wife Nicky back things continue to spiral out of control leading to pent—up frustration. Cast as the equally frustrated wife is Sepideh Moafi in an equally strong performance. Where it all ends no one knows with some of the actions of Nikki egging Davis on.

    News of an affair really sets everyone off as you can see just how out of control things can ( and do) get. Seeing what unfolds in The Killing of Two Lovers should give everyone a good reason not to have an affair. Director/writer Robert Macholan succeeds in creating a very dark atmosphere and emotional rollercoaster of mental strain resulting in frustration and violence. Somewhat slow to parallel the pain more uncertainly develops with a murder or two begging the question what’s real and what’s imagined which leads to confusion and added uncertainty( Robert Waldman).

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