Flag Day (PG) *****

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    Often towards the fall Hollywood releases its top-level films. At least that was the track record before Covid 19 reared its ugly head. Thankfully we are slowly turning the corner with regards to this dreadful disease. If you need a good reason to go to the movies and sit in a theatre, socially distanced of course, look no further than Flag Day. Thanks to its ultra strong performances expect this subtle drama to be front and Centre at this year’s Oscar celebration. Make an effort to see This well thought out film that is fresh and original and currently showing in B.C. Thanks to Route 504 films. Be sure to order it on demand or via DVD a little later on too.

    Sometimes actors can become good directors. Perhaps the best example of this transition is Clint Eastwood. Hot on Clint’s tail as a truly talented filmmaker is Sean Penn, who not only directs but also stars In this impressive event which Is actually based on a true story,

    Bad luck comes in all shapes and sizes. Hard luck seems to be the trademark of the Vogel family. To say the husband and wife of this clan have a few personal “issues” may well be the understatement of the century. Always reliable Sean Penn (Mystic River – hello Clint), again turns in just a towering performance as john Vogel – a man on a mission. Just what that mission is can be open for debate but their can be no questioning the man’s love of his daughter Jennifer. As an older daughter who became a grown woman with ideals that happen to be at odds with those of her dad (and mom) Dylan Penn does a commendable job.

    Based on a true story Flag Day is set largely in Minnesota but the family members split apart In All sorts of diverse directions. Get rich schemes by John coupled with getting on the wrong side of the law lead to tremendous turmoil between father and daughter which gives this film lots of added intensity.

    Shot in of all places Manitoba Flag Day truly is about intense personal relationships and the American dream, it’s a winner on all levels (Robert Waldman)

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