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12 Might Orphans (PG) ***

Set. Hut!

Sports stories can be fun. Some can even be inspirational. Elevation Pictures’ latest effort, 12 Mighty Orphans, hits the mark as a definite crowd pleaser. By all means search out this film at select theatres across B.C before ordering it on line via video on demand.

Based on a true story which makes the movie all the more remarkable and perfect timing sees this drama released as football season is upon us. Set during The Great Depression just like the title suggests our story relates to the plight of twelve parentless children left abandoned at a home for the under appreciated- or more precisely undesirable.

Left to their own devices the boys largely live in fear – not because they are on their own and without their parents but due to the man who runs the home. Wayne Knight is superb as the mercurial overseer of this institution and he runs it like a prison camp.

Located in football happy Texas it seems the boys have no way out. Ah, but the Gods of Pigskin are smiling upon them. With the arrival of a new teacher who moonlights as a football coach somehow twelve lucky lost souls find their way as a team and through the process learn about each other – and life.

Solemn and secure in his approach on life Luke Wilson has just the right touch and demeanor to mould these disjointed teens into a United team. Up against a host of well-oiled well financed teams its great to see how the grid iron competition pans out.

From start to finish 12 Mighty Orphans is a film that will keep you guessing and hoping that the boys come through. This is a tense exciting movie that one and all should see and enjoy. You will(Robert Waldman).

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