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PCHC/INSTRCC/CCHSBC Virtual Stories Webinar Series

Are you or someone you know eager to tell their story but not sure how to start?  If so, don’t miss this workshop series!  You will gain experience in storytelling, filmmaking and sharing oral history!  Enrollment is limited, so register (here on Eventbrite) today!

As part of Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration Society’s (PCHC) exciting project From Far and Wide: Pacific Canada Stories, we are pleased to again offer our virtual workshops series aimed at those interested in translating family lore into digital format so that it can be passed on for generations to come ensuring that valuable history will not be lost.

Over the duration of the three workshops, the series will introduce participants to interviewing, storytelling, filmmaking and editing with phone and computer applications. Participants will also have the opportunity to view each other’s films and hear each other’s stories.

Please join us on May 18th, 6 – 8pm (Zoom) and June 1st, 6 – 8pm (Zoom) PDT. The third session on June 18th, 10am – 12pm, will take place in person and offer the opportunity, if desired, to share your story with others as part of PCHC-MOM’s Pacific Canada Story Fest.

No prior experience is required.

Registration fee: $75 – for all 3 workshops.


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