Gamestop: Rise of the Players

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  • David vs Goliath!

    BY Robert Waldman


    Play the market and take the risk. Stocks can be volatile. Remember The immortal famed Wall Street insider Gordon Gekko: Greed is good. Watch the little guy take on the capitalist behemoths in the fascinating GameStop: Rise of the Players. Now on view at The Rio Theatre and ultimately destined for video on demand and home DVDs this Elevation Pictures release is fun from the get go.

    Closet investors and happy go lucky day traders will get a kick out of this fascinating documentary. Here we see the unbelievable story of some small-time small-town rookies who somehow saw value in a supposedly failing company and road their gut feelings to success. Just like Blockbuster Video, the once enormously successful video rental chain, GameStop was (and is) a brick-and-mortar video game chain with 1000s of retail stores across The United States.

    With Covid fears sending the world into a panic it was deep freeze time for this supposedly “overstored” company. So the so-called experts on Wall Street and corporate America gave the company a huge thumbs down. But a groundswell of local supporters and small-time players, both in the gaming world and small retail stock player landscape thought otherwise. This movie charts the incredible way some mom-and-pop investors along with some funny you tube videos and channels used their foxy charm to create a groundswell of interest in the company. That curiosity and peek interest in The firm saw a surge in first time and new investors essentially saving the company and hurtling all those big time sophisticated short sellers into both embarrassment and a near fatal nosedive.

    Consider the story of GameStop to be the ultimate underdog story.

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