Blacklight (PG) ***

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    by Robert Waldman


    Just like a marriage a job can have its ups and downs. See a family man go through the ropes in the Adrenalin charged Blacklight. If action is your thing then Be sure to check out the upheaval the Solution Entertainment group and VVS Films are currently unleashing at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.

    Man of all seasons Liam Neeson(Taken) is back in Action and definitely in his element as government operative Travis Block. Now in the twilight of his career Block springs back into action when a friend winds up in a jam. Needless to say the action is hot and heavy and fast and furious as a mysterious government organization is up to its neck in serious misdeeds.

    Ok we have seen Neeson play this special forces type expert time and time again. More often than not the films are hit and miss affairs. Luckily a pretty timely story makes this film seem relevant with perhaps more than a kernel of truth embedded in the proceedings.

    Director Mark Williams co-wrote the story and for the most part it’s rather plausible and always entertaining. Given the sly emphasis on aging, family and government corruption this all helps make this movie solid entertainment for adrenalin junkies looking for their next big score

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