BBM holds on to pro-life stand on abortion with exception for extreme scenarios

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  • PRESIDENTIAL aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. on Tuesday said he is firm on his pro-life stance, however, he would allow abortion on extreme cases or in instances where it is justified.

    He made clear his stance in the one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda, during which he highlighted that his main concern would always be the safety and welfare of the affected women, some of whom are forced to seek help from illegal abortion clinics that put their lives in danger.

    “We allow these critical cases to avail of that therapeutic abortion in those instances,” he stressed.

    He then suggested that to avoid being abused and misused, the abortion law must be very specific on who could only avail of the procedure such as victims of rape, incest and others that may be spelled out and determined by lawmakers.

    “I think in severe cases like you say the majority of cases are rape victims, I think they can show that they were raped and it’s not consensual sex that got them pregnant then they have this choice to abort or not,” Bongbong explained.

    “The other is incest. And another is… if the mother is quite young and is not capable, emotionally or mentally not capable to take care of a child, maybe these are also the cases where we can see that abortion is justified,” he continued.

    Bongbong emphasized that he wanted to save lives and as a public servant “what you are looking for is to avoid the tragedies that befall on the victims and their families”.

    “Every single one of these statistics that you have read is tragedy in itself it affects the woman involved, it affects the entire family, generally, it affects them for the rest of their lives,”

    When asked if he will initiate a law that will clarify his position on abortion, Bongbong said he will leave it to Congress “if that’s the will of the people.” (office of BBM)


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