Arnel Pineda wants to spread love amid Journey squabble

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    All is not well in Journey.

    Members of the legendary band are exchanging barbs on social media.

    The band’s current singer, Arnel Pineda, is seemingly calling for peace.

    On Twitter, he wrote: “so much hatred people..we’re on the brink of WWIII.. lets just spread LOVE… don’t you think its better to die being loved than being hated? (heart emojis).”

    The post was a far cry from the last one he issued only days ago where he seemed incensed.

    He tweeted: “m with the band to sing the legacy..if some of them are tired of me being with them,with all means,they can fire me anytime.. and don’t lecture me about spiritual BS..#walkthetalk.”

    “all i know? is #ivepaidmydues so stop reminding me where i came from..coz it’s in my heart everyday.. you just don’t pay not a a human being like anybody else..#wrongiswrong #rightisright  that simple..,” he added.

    It all started with Neal Schon, Journey guitarist, announcing that original keyboardist Gregg Rolie is joining the band’s 50th-anniversary tour.

    Soon came talks that some band members are not happy about it.

    This was seemingly confirmed by Neal and his wife, Michaele, in a post.

    It read: “TWO BAND MEMBERS of the Journey current LINE UP ARE ‘adamant NO’ against Gregg Rolie to return. Neal Schön and Gregg ROLIE will be somewhere Together at least one time this Year in Honor of what they began in 1972.

    “Faith, let’s ask God to find a way for them. let’s pray for forgiveness for those who hurt Gregg ROLIE and hope they learn what spirituality is someday .We all love you!!”

    Apparently, Arnel heard that he was among those members accused of not being in favor of Gregg’s return.

    He posted: “you people are unbelievable… whoever’s spreading rumor about me regarding the #GregRollie issue are maliciously not gonna stoop down to your level..”

    Arnel went on to reiterate his stand in reaction to a post of “more @JourneyOfficial drama,” where a supposed comment taken from the official Facebook page of Neal & Michaele Schon could be seen.

    It read, “We Love Gregg! Cain and the other guy in the band forgot where they came from
    Neal hired both Cain and the other guy. Sad. Let’s pray they learn spirituality someday.”

    Arnel noted: “including me in the drama is stupid.”

    Many expressed support for Arnel, who joined the band in 2008.

    Some of the comments:

    “you’re wonderful Arnel – Steve Perry repeatedly endorses you so you must be doing something right – keep on singing your heart out – you’re doing a great job!”

    “You are the one who brought the energy of Journey back to the stage. I had quit following my favorite band because no one could measure the high bar that Steve Perry had set. You have brought all that energy back while staying humbled and true to yourself…”

    “Journey would not have had the touring success it’s had for the last 15 years without you. Period. You have the upper hand friend. Don’t let the mf’ers get u down.” (S. Bernardino,



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