How ‘Water’ singer Tyla reacted to Sarah Geronimo’s ASAP performance

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  • Sarah Geronimo‘s song and dance number of the TikTok hit “Water” got
    noticed by its singer, Tyla.

    In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Tyla shared a video clip of Sarah’s song and
    dance cover of her single during the December 17 episode of ABS-CBN’s
    “ASAP Natin To”.

    The Popstar Royalty’s “Water” cover has already gained traction online before
    the young artist noticed it.

    m my song with huge productions,
    costumes, [choreography], etc… what the heck,” Tyla posted.
    Tyla’s reaction has since garnered 6,800 views on X so far.

    Several Filipinos were proud of Sarah.

    One of them was her husband Matteo Guidicelli who also reacted to Tyla’s

    “That’s my wife,” Matteo said with a heart and a disco ball emojis.
    Darren Espanto also cheered for Sarah.

    “Baka Sarah G. yaaaan!” he said.

    Sarah, who has a discography of hit songs to her name, is also known for
    performing local and international songs during live shows.

    Some social media users, however, interpreted Tyla’s post differently. They
    thought that Tyla might not like Sarah’s version of “Water.” They accused the
    latter of copying and stealing the rising African star’s music.

    “So you just over there in your country stealing other [people’s] songs and
    don’t even like [black people] you should be ashamed of this performance,”
    an Instagram user commented.

    “NOT YOUR SONG SARAH G. @justsarahgph Be original next time and give
    credit to the original artist @tyla THEY CANT STAND US BLACKS BUT WILL
    user said.

    Several Filipinos on X, meanwhile, defended Sarah from these critics.
    “That’s Sarah G and a singer/performer/actress of 20+ years. She usually
    performs songs that are trending here in the Philippines. That perf was shown
    by a big network. People here who think of money first are weird af. I for one
    only get to know about this song coz of this perf,” an X user said.

    Others also challenged Tyla to perform Sarah’s hit songs or collaborate with
    the Filipino pop star.

    “Some of the replies here are wild and ridiculous. Offensive na pala sa mga
    Kano na mag cover ng song with full production number. And reading the
    tweet again, parang di ata natutuwa si accla. SG can do ‘Water’ but Tyla can’t
    do ‘Forever’s Not Enough!’” a Pinoy on X reacted.

    Tyla, a 21-year-old South African singer, released “Water” last July. It has since
    erupted into an internet sensation in dance challenges and as an audio format
    on TikTok.

    Early this month, she released her debut album with her namesake.(C.R
    Madarang, Interaksyon)


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