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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PG) ****

Space Spectacular!

Out of his world! Words alone can’t describe the exhilarating
experience that awaits audiences for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Renewal is good and given a new cast and first time director the folks
at Disney got in right when they purchased Lucasfilm from franchise
founder George Lucas. Rest assured all are in good hands here.
Right from the start fans and newcomers to this storied fabLe are in
For the time of their lives. And what a ride it is. Director and co-writer
J.J. Abrams has come up with a rip roaring adventure. Blessed with
the wonderful vision of winning scribe Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders of
the Lost Ark) this dynamic duo have come up with a dynamic story
blending old with the new.
Fan favourites like Han Solo, Princess Leia and the odd robot
partake in a dangerous mission with a new trio of reluctant adventurers
with the fate of the Galaxy at stake and definitely in play. Looking as
good as ever is Harrison Ford but these elder yet still functional and
fully reliable statesmen/women truly get upstaged and outclassed by
the newcomers.
Two men and a woman seal the fate of space as the rebels
must face down an evil warlord,scores of enemy soldiers, and oh yes,

the maniacal bad as can be Darth Vader. Sinister hardly describes the
hissing charisma of nongoodnick Adam Driver who oozes pure evil. Out
to thwart those bad vibrations are ace pilot Par, rookie crusader Finn
and lucky be a lady Rae. Expect and receive lots of heroics courtesy
of Jason Isaac, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley who individually are
outstanding but taken Together form . The ultimate triactor of guts,
glory and gumption.
Grace under fire is what this two hour joy ride is all about. Funny
with stupendous edge of your seat action and extremely clever witty
dialogue this new Stars Wars movie is completely original and full of
death defying stunts. Emotionally it is captivating with enough humour,
purpose and soul to appeal to all generations.•

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