The Sparring Partner (PG) *** Running time: 2h 18m Dynamic Duo! BY Robert Waldman

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  • Sports fans beware. The title of todays review has nothing to do with boxing
    unless murder, mystery, mischief and mayhem are on the menu.People come in all
    shapes and sizes. So do killers. Experience the Chinese justice system at its best ( or
    worst) in The Sparring Partner. Now it’s true confessions time for me. Even I didn’t know
    that this movie is based on actual events. How sad but important to cover to get inside
    the minds of some wackos. Intense fun indeed is this slick courtroom drama replete with
    an effective and engaging story. Now out on video on demand contact your cable
    company or internet provider to watch this thriller from Well Go USA Entertainment.

    Long the capital of the freedom loving gun toting community apparently the United
    States doesn’t have a monopoly on crazy people or demented killers. Character
    development takes us into the tangled life of an in the surface decent guy and his slow
    thinking friend

    Lead by example is the modus operandi for lean and on the surface oh so likable
    Henry Cheung with all his boyhood charms. In a chilling portrayal Yeung Wailun gets
    under your skin as the creepy go lucky charmer who along with new boy toy Angus
    Tong are apprehended by the Hong Kong police after a search for some. Issuing locals.
    Cast as the sad sack loser Tong is Pui Tung Mac in a heroic representation of a not too
    swift accomplice in way over his head.

    These two totally different men make quite the team and once caught the movie
    and our villains (?) wind up in a packed courtroom where the tension rises to a
    crescendo. Courtroom antics and jury deliberations bring back memories of the classic
    12 Angry Men as both sides do their best to get at the truth. New Westminster born
    Raymond Burr ( aka Perry Mason) would be so proud.

    Powerful performances abound in The Sparring Partner, a gripping thriller though
    despite being a bit long will leave you on edge throughout. Case closed. In
    Chinese/mandarin with English subtitles,

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