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Riders of Justice (PG) ** *

Mad Mads!

A man on a desperate mission livens things up considerably in Riders of Justice. Like the title suggests this story is all about a wild ride and one man’s quest for revenge. By all means order this foreign treat from Mongrel Media through your local cable company or internet provider.

Markus indeed is a troubled man. James Bond baddie Mads Mikkelsen ( Casino Royale) returns to the war arena as a battle weary commander. Leaving his wife and teenage daughter behind Markus is a coveted one man killing machine out in the field. So prized are his command and execute talents that he is often asked to stay on. Bad news on the home front sees this no-nonsense guy return to Denmark under the most distressed circumstances.

When a train accident kills his wife Markus tries to instill some degree of balance in life for his daughter. Their bond is tenuous at best. As the police investigate the wreck a wacky pair of conspiracy theory academics believe foul play could have led to the disaster. A reluctant Markus hears their story and not before long he decides it’s time to root out the culprits responsible for the wreck.

Full of violence and mayhem Mikkelsen is terrific as an avenging Angel who uses his battle honed skills to wreck havoc on the criminal underworld. At times a bit too over the top Riders of Justice is still a lot of fun. The mental showdown between father and daughter is realistic and just adds to the intensity of one man’s pursuit of the truth. Heaven help the odd biker gang toughie who dares get in his way(Robert Waldman).

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