The GrandMaster of Kung Fu (PG)****

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    By Robert Waldman


    Now and then comes along a film with some historical perspective. And a drop kick or too. Action fans who follow the way of the East should thoroughly enjoy Tne Grandmaster of Kung Fu. Enjoy this sparkling well conceived martial arts extravaganza from Well Go USA. Now available through video on demand so contact your local cable company or internet provider to enjoy this spectacle.

    Learn from the past. That’s what China has done oh so well. Now one of two legitimate super powers along with reigning champion the United States by hook or by crook there is a new player on the block. But it was not so easy for China to move forward. Not too long ago the Chinese state was under the threat of Japan. During these trying times Japanese army officials controlled Tianjin and a number of mainland China territories, albeit temporarily.

    The dragon rises. Against this historical backdrop The Grandmaster of King Fu zeroes in on a succession ritual for leader of a local Chinese Kung Fu Association. So something right out of a Bruce Lee develops with a fight for the leadership. Enter a frivolous peasant who rises to the challenges. This man with non name, otherwise known as Hugo Yuanjia earns some respect of the club and then sails off into the sunset. Well, not so fast. Thanks to Duo Yuhang we care deeply for this messenger of peace. Yes the former Wushu champion also known as Denis To acquits himself very well here.

    Remember these are troubled times in China. With the ruthless Japanese army trying to exert control over the region higher ups in The Land of the Rising Sun hierarchy concoct a plan to take over all Chinese Kung Fu in the territory. Well, you can just imagine what happens from there.

    So by hook and by crook a campaign of terror is meted out against the local Chinese. Not willing to turn the other cheek any longer it’s all up to one man to try to defend Kung Fu, the Chinese way.

    Wall to wall action, fun, courageous stunts and some serious soul searching and second guessing make The Grandmaster of Kung Fu a smart and sizzling mo ie with lots of soul – and punch ups.

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