Kathryn Bernardo pens touching farewell message for ‘2 Good 2 Be True’ family

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  • MANILA – Kathryn Bernardo penned an emotional and lengthy farewell post dedicated to her “2 Good 2 Be True” family, saying it took her a while to write the message because it’s hard for her to let go of all of them.

    “Too Good To Be True may be over, but my love for this family is here to stay. Doing a teleserye is never easy, but they all made it so freaking unforgettable,” she said on Instagram.

    “To my Too Good To Be True fam, working with each and every one of you is already a privilege. But getting to know you all on a deeper level is an even bigger blessing — something that I will forever cherish,” she added.

    Bernardo admitted she never thought she’d be too attached to them because they have different personalities. But for some reason, they all just clicked.

    “Thank you. You all made a mark in my heart and I’m so glad I got to bond with everyone. I have a happy memory with each and every one of you! Swear,” she said.

    Bernardo then paid tribute to the series’ hardworking crew, their talented writers, loving staff and fellow actors.

    “Maraming maraming salamat for taking this journey with us. The relationship we were able to build is definitely my ‘too good to be true’ moment. Congratulations for a job well done. I think we did something good? Marami tayong taong napasaya. We were able to put smiles on their faces. We were able to give them hope. Because of these, we were able to create a show that everyone will forever be proud of.”
    Expressing how much she loves each and every one of them, Bernardo said: “Mahal na mahal namin kayo ni Deej. No goodbyes. I will see you around!”

    To officially cap off her post, Bernardo dedicated some words for her character, Ali.

    “You weren’t easy to portray but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You captured my heart entirely and I ended up loving you even more. Thank you. So here it goes… This is Alipot Kulit officially signing off.”


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