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  • Dr. Death!

    Doom and gloom symbolize a medical system in chaos in the well-meaning Collective. Better known as Collective, this jarring tale of a medical system in chaos should make Canadians breathe a sigh of relief that we live in a free society mostly free of corruption. Based on real events this docu-thriller will leave you shaken and stirred. Enjoy this drama unfold at the VanCity Theatre on November 27 by way of Mongrel Media and then order it on line through Apple and the iTunes Store.

    Thank God for a free press. Collective centers on a tragic fire that enshrouded the youth oriented Collective night club of Bucharest in flames back in 2015. When burn victims were hospitalized in parts of Romania and abroad a sea of corruption was uncovered thanks to of all things a sports journal called Gazeta Sporturi whose ace reporter went where the evidence took him unlike most in the media who were thought to be in the pockets of the governing authorities.

    What crusading reporter Catalina Tolonton did was discover that cleaning chemicals were diluted in hospitals. On the surface to many this would seem like no big deal but eventually a sea of corruption was uncovered reaching the upper echelons of Romanian politics.

    Director. Alexander Anau miraculously pulls off a great whodunnit that is full of tension and apprehension. You can sense the emotional toll this story takes on The reporters let alone the victims of neglect and abuse as this drive for profits seemed so paramount with no sympathy let alone care given to innocent patients in hospitals. Coming off just as bad is a system of political privilege and almost mafia like tactics perpetrated by government officials and hospital administrators who seem to be rightful heirs to the famed Corleonne clan.
    Not to be missed Romania’s entry to this year’s foreign film academy award is a film that needs to be seen. (Robert Waldman)

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